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Barre is a lower body conditioning class that uses traditional ballet moves. The focus is on form, alignment and strength. Exercises are performed utilising a ballet bar. Barre classes typically focus on small pulsing movements to create a long lean defined look and physique.

Seated Flex and Flow

Suitable for everybody especially those who struggle to get up and down from the floor. Traditional poses are adapted and performed whilst sitting in a chair.

Legs, Bums and Tums

A low intensity workout to specifically target the lower body and abdominal muscles.

Total Tone

This is a full body conditioning class using body weight exercises and light weights to create tone and definition to the whole body.


A system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture. It also enhances mental awareness.

Clinical Pilates

This is rehabilitation focused. Working in four week blocks, we focus on a different part of the body on each block. The aim is to improve mobility, increase strength and aid recovery from orthopaedic conditions.

Mum and Baby Fitness

Babies come too!! Meet other mums and get fit at the same time. Sessions are varied and focus on fun. Some moves may involve baby (if willing). The class focus is on building strength and working on flexibility and balance through yoga poses.

Flex and Flow

An ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. We offer two different types of class, Gentle Flex and Flow and Fitness Flex and Flow.

Cardio Hiit

Cardio high intensity interval training is proven to burn fat, preserve muscle and increase physical endurance.

Adult Lane Swimming

Open swim sessions offering specific sessions per gender depending on the day. We split the lanes by ability to accommodate the different swimmers.

Family Swims

Open swim sessions offering time slots for families to enjoy the pool & spend some quality time together.

Aqua Pilates

The emphasis is placed on developing a strong core by focusing on different movements and poses with precision and accuracy. These general Pilates movements become much more exaggerated in the water resulting in even stronger physiques.

Aqua Fit

A cardio based class using the natural resistance of the water. These classes are high energy and fun but are suitable for all levels.


A challenging class where we use equipment to add extra resistance. We will focus on toning and building strength throughout the whole body.

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